Cricket Revolution Cinematic

Posted by Shoaib Zaheer Malik On Tuesday, August 3, 2010 4 comments

About a year ago, we also created the Cricket Revolution Cinematic here at Mindstorm Studios right before the launch of the game.I directed the cinematic as well as played the role of  art director and compositor on the shots. here is the video and some images

Speed Sculpting - Male Anatomy

Posted by Shoaib Zaheer Malik On Tuesday, April 20, 2010 11 comments

I started off with a very simple base mesh and then detailed and textured inside Zbrush. looked at alot of references while sculpting and really enjoyed the session. Complete session took about 3-4 hrs. 

Speed Sculpting

Posted by Shoaib Zaheer Malik On Thursday, April 15, 2010 0 comments

I just sat down for a couple of hours to do a speed sculpt of a head inside Zbrush and here is the result.
I am pretty happy with what it turned out to be... Base mesh created in 3ds Max, detailed in Zbrush and then textured in Zbrush as well. Final Composite done in Photoshop.

Goblin - Work In Progress

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I have always been a fan of fantasy and mythological stories. From story telling to actual digital art implementation, I have been inspired by several story writers and artists around  the globe.
Hence, I started creating a creature 'Goblin'. He is an old fellow, but is cunning, has been the front-line trooper in lots of battles. Apart from being just the warrior, he learned some magical spells and tricks from the undead sorcerer. So now he carries different potions and uses them during the battle to crumple down his foes.
I created the base mesh in 3ds max and now I imported it into Zbrush and started detailing.

Mindstorm Studios

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Mindstorm Studios is an award winning game development and animation studio. It was established in 2006 and I have been with it since then. 
I play several roles at work which is really fun to do... at one moment you are the Art Director and the other you are dealing with the business aspect of the project. But nevertheless, my primary role is of Art Director and Lead Artist.

We do a wide variety and range of work here at mindstorm studios. Ranging from low resolution in game art assets to rendered cinematic, from architectural visualization to product and character based animated advertisements.

As I mentioned my primary role is Art director and Lead artist. What that means is, if there is something wrong or not quiet right with anything related to the artwork we produce either for the game or the rendered imagery – that’s my problem. And I need to fix it and improve the quality in any way I can. 
I also get to set up the pipeline and maintain the quality standard of the work we produce as well as ofcourse managing the project timelines.

Here is an initial artwork that we created here. We implemented and incorporated Vue and 3ds max in the pipeline initially after doing some tests and research. The following scene was created completely in 3ds max and Vue and then different elements and passes were composited in Fusion.

Arba'kh - The Clan Warrior

Posted by Shoaib Zaheer Malik On Saturday, March 27, 2010 2 comments

Arba'kh is a concept character. He is the clan leader and warrior. I plan to do more shots later on.
Base mesh was created in 3ds Max and then detailed in Zbrush. Later on I Poly painted and composited it in Photoshop.

Z Brush Sculpts

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Here are some Z brush Sculpts along with comparisons.

Cricket Revolution

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Cricket revolution is a multiplayer cricket game for PC. I played the role of the Art Director, Lead Artist and Animator on the title.

It is an independent video game developed by Mindstorm Studios. And Mindstorm Studios became the first video game development house in Pakistan to have completed and launched a video game title successfully in this billion dollars market on their own.

The Project took off back in 2006 when I met Faraz Ahmed and Babar Ahmed (currently CEO of Mindstorm Studios) and joined hands because we shared the same vision and passion which was to set up and grow the video game development industry in Pakistan.

Here is some of the character artwork I did for the game.
All the Character Modeling, High resolution Sculpting, Rigging and Skinning was done by me.
The color map of uniforms was painted by a very talented texture artist, Mr. Nasar Ullah Khan here at Mindstorm Studios.

I will upload the Z Sculpts comparisons soon


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I was going through my hard drive and found this.. :-)
My first functional bone based facial rig put to a test.. and the results were not bad at all.. I will try to find the max file and share some screen shots of the bone setup.


Welcome to My Blog

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Hello dear visitors and friends, Welcome to my blog. A place where I'd like to share my artwork, thoughts, experience and experiments with you.

My name is Shoaib Zaheer Malik and I am a CG Generalist. I have been working in this industry for almost over 8 years now. Business Development Manager, Art and Animation Director, Mentor and a Teacher are amongst the various roles that I have been playing for last few years.

Currently I am heading the Art & Animation department at Mindstorm Studios. An award winning game development and computer animation house based out of Lahore.

I’d like to share my first artwork with you which I worked on back in early 2005. It’s called ‘Exotic Beauty’ and it was specifically made for ballistic publishing’s book Exotique. The subject of the book was to publish the finest digital characters from artists worldwide.

Exotique presented 228 examples of exceptional character artwork by 113 artists from 37 countries presented over 192 pages of the highest quality production. And I am really glad that I am one of them.