Cricket Revolution

Posted by Shoaib Zaheer Malik On Thursday, March 25, 2010 0 comments

Cricket revolution is a multiplayer cricket game for PC. I played the role of the Art Director, Lead Artist and Animator on the title.

It is an independent video game developed by Mindstorm Studios. And Mindstorm Studios became the first video game development house in Pakistan to have completed and launched a video game title successfully in this billion dollars market on their own.

The Project took off back in 2006 when I met Faraz Ahmed and Babar Ahmed (currently CEO of Mindstorm Studios) and joined hands because we shared the same vision and passion which was to set up and grow the video game development industry in Pakistan.

Here is some of the character artwork I did for the game.
All the Character Modeling, High resolution Sculpting, Rigging and Skinning was done by me.
The color map of uniforms was painted by a very talented texture artist, Mr. Nasar Ullah Khan here at Mindstorm Studios.

I will upload the Z Sculpts comparisons soon


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